Hucul horses are a strong, persevering and sure-footed breed of small horses perfectly apt for being kept outdoors. Because of its versatility, this breed can be used as an excellent companion for trekking tours as well as for riding and horse driving. Right now there is a general preservation program going on in Austria, because the Huculs are an endangered species.


The Hucul, as descendant of the Tarpan, is a calm, persevering mountain horse with a good instinct and is therefore suited for not very experienced riders too. It is very well-balanced (not prone to flee) and sure-footed on difficult terrain.

Hucul horses are easy to feed and to keep (open stable) and with their down-to-earth character, as well as their docility and adaptability, they are versatile horses e.g. patient in hippo therapy as well as excellent partners for riding and driving.

Height of hands: ca. 140 cm

Colors: mostly bay, dun or chestnut, but all other colors too except, white, dappled and roan. Typical wild horse features are the dorsal stripe, zebra stripes on the legs and withers stripes, which are all desired in breeding.

Movement: correct, rhythmic, elastic

General impression: very compact, sturdy horse with harmonious back and sloping croup. The tail is low-joined, the neck short and strong and the shoulders are very muscular and mostly rather steep. Huculs have an expressive, very noble dry head, not too small but tough hooves which often allow riding the Hucul unshod.